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Earthing instructions

A) The best, most natural and cheapest way is to walk barefoot in the sand or on the grass. The best surface for grounding is the beach, as salty water is especially effective.

B) The next best way is to use Earthing products that are connected via the grounding rod directly outside. This might, however, be problematic in the city.

C) A third way is to use an Earthing product connected to a grounded electrical outlet. Outlets are usually grounded in newer houses and usually always in wet spaces such as the bathrooms and kitchens. NOTE: Earthing products do not use electricity!


What to do if Earthing doesn't seem to work?

Many people say the feel and sleep better after beginning Earthing, however, sometimes the expected changes don't happen. In this case, you should check the following things:

1) Problem with grounding

Check that the outlet is properly grounded, using a grounding tester. Some outlets especially in older houses might not be grounded, even if they appear to be.

Solution: Use the grounding rod or consult an electrician.

2) Problem with the grounding rod

Grounding rod should be placed minimum of one metre from the building wall, or the insulating material around the house might prevent grounding.

3) Problem with the grounding product

Check that the product conducts Earth's energy correctly and the cords are not damaged. You can use the continuity tester to check this. Connect the product and the tester to a grounded outlet or directly outside and place the tester on the product. A green light should come on when you press on the button in the tester, if everything is working as it should.

4) Dehydration

Many people suffer from dehydration. They might not benefit from grounding the same way as people who drink enough water.

5) Stress

No matter how well-grounded you are, acute and chronic stress might beat Earthing's effects on sleep and well-being. Worries, anger, tension and grief wear out the body and might cancel Earthing's benefits. You should aim to avoid stressors in your life as well as possible, as chronic stress is the numer one factor in sudden deaths, depression and insomnia and it also raises blood pressure.

NOTE! TiedonPortaat can only promise grounding will happen when products are used correctly. Health effects and benefits are individual. Earthing does not replace medical treatment, and it is recommended you discuss with your doctor before starting to use the Earthing products.

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