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Erja PauninsaloI jumped from the library world into an entrepreneur in 2011. I've been the authorized importer of Earthing™-products since 2012 and in the summer of 2013, I started to import GetGrounded Footwear™-sandals.

Our wellbeing consists of three parts: sleep, nutrition and movement. The most important one is sleep. I have personally experienced a noticeable improvement in my quality of life after starting to ground myself. I sleep better, I'm more relaxed. My body is in tune with the natural rhythm of life.

- Erja Pauninsalo -


Article published in Kangasniemen Yrittäjien Tiedotuslehti on November 23rd, 2011.

Erja Pauninsalo fulfilled her
dream of entrepreneurship

Nature and wellbeing are the cornerstones of TiedonPortaat

Erja Pauninsalo is currently fulfilling her long-time dream of entrepreneurship, something that according to her has been waiting for the right moment.

- I think I have always had this dream at the back of my mind, she says.

Last April, Pauninsalo resigned from her job at the Kangasniemi Library, and after that, started thinking more and more about having her own business. The time for action, however, didn't come until October, with TiedonPortaat officially being founded on 11th of November, 2011.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Pauninsalo worked in the library world for 28 years. She is a Master of Arts by education.

The cornerstones of TiedonPortaat are nature and wellbeing.

- plan to sell products and services linked to wellbeing. Combining nature and wellbeing is my ultimate goal, as both are very important to me, she says.

The product selection is not yet fully decided; at the moment it includes Earthing™ products, imported to Finland by TiedonPortaat.

In Finland, Earthing is a very new concept. It has to do with personal grounding; connecting the body to Earth's eternal and gentle surface energies. It might include walking barefoot outside or using products which provide connectivity to Earth while sleeping, sitting or working inside.

- People are not meant to walk with shoes on. We isolate ourselves from the Earth's surface, when we should be connected to it for ultimate health. Buildings and electronic equipment are grounded but people do not have this protection against malfunctions despite our bodies holding an equal amount of tension.

In Earthing, grounding has nothing to do with electricity; it simply means that the negatively charged free electrons are transferred from Earth's surface to the body, bringing it to the same level of electric energy as the Earth.

Pauninsalo was familiar with the Earthing™ products already prior to starting her business.

The grounding sheet, placed on the foot of the bed, is designed for example for those suffering from sleeping problems. Erja Pauninsalo used to be one of these people; however, after starting to use the sheet, she now sleeps through the night.

Another product for sale is the grounding pad, which can be used under the feet or for example as a mouse pad. According to Pauninsalo, the pad not only grounds the person, but also protects them somewhat from the radiation caused by electrical equipment.

- I usually always have the pad under my feet when I'm using my laptop.

Also in the product selection is a recovery bag which resembles a sleeping bag and can be used, for example, by travellers and athletes recovering from a sports performance.

In addition to sleeping problems, research shows Earthing may be beneficial for menopause symptoms, reducing or eliminating chronic pain, increasing energy levels, lowering stress, easing muscle tension and headaches as well as bringing relief to many symptoms caused by inflammation.

TiedonPortaat also sells Aloe Vera-products by Forever.

In addition to selling products, TiedonPortaat will organize small-scale events, courses and lectures connected to nature and health and wellbeing.

Pauninsalo plans to benefit from the lake Puula in her business; she would also turn into assets the darkness and quietness that can be found on the countryside, such as in the village of Hokka where the business is based.

- I'm interested in turning the darkness and quietness into products. Living on the countryside these things are a given, but this might not be the case for those living in cities.

Pauninsalo is prepared for communication also in English and Swedish, so customers from other countries are very welcome.

The operation of TiedonPortaat is not limited only to Kangasniemi; events can also be organized elsewhere. An online store is being developed for product sales and Pauninsalo can also be contacted directly for any enquiries.

Text: Jaana Laitinen

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